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Workflow – 2021-10


Client: Client contact user account that will log into the client portal

Client Manager:  SCIDES staff user account that has access to add/remove/update client files

Client Group: Category/Group of clients that would share the same file, such as privacy/safety/insurance documents


The Members > Clients section is the primary location to add, remove, and modify clients in the document management system.

Here we can add a new client, modify an existing one, and manage both the client managers and client groups that are assigned to each client.

Creating a new client also creates the user account they will log into the system with.


The Portals > File Sharing area is where the majority of file management is done

Here we can upload, modify, and assign files to clients and groups of clients

During the file upload process, a file or multiple files, can be uploaded, categorized, and assigned to a client/client group at the same time.

after a file is uploaded, it can be edited from the filesharing screen

Client's File Portal

Clients can log into the system at: 

Once logged in, they will immediately be taken to their files page


File download logs can be accessed through the Portals > Download Logs  menu.

Here we can review which files were last downloaded by each client.