Scientific Designs alkoxylation process technology offers a highly efficient means of producing surfactants and polyglycols and can also produce polyether polyols with a few additional process steps. Alkoxylated fatty alcohols, fatty amines, alkyl phenols, cellulose, poly (propylene glycol) are used in surfactants, foaming agents, dispersants, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Scientific Designs alkoxylation technology has gained worldwide acceptance as a leading design for its safety and productivity. The unique reactor configuration offers numerous advantages over the conventional stirred-tank reactor including less catalyst usage, milder operating conditions and higher reaction rates which all result in improved productivity. In addition, Scientific Design’s equipment improvements allow greater capacity and product range, ensure high quality and excellent color, and result in low by-product and residual ethylene oxide/propylene oxide (EO/PO) content. Over 50 plants have been licensed worldwide.

alkoxylation technology
alkoxylation technology

Scientific Designs alkoxylation design is a batch process in which controlled amounts of catalyzed chain starters are reacted with EO or PO under carefully controlled conditions, each unique to a specific product recipe. Chain starters can include synthetic or natural fatty alcohols, various glycols, castor oil, sorbitan esters, and many others.

Technology Lifecycle

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