SynDox Ethylene Oxide Catalysts

Scientific Design’s SynDox ethylene oxide catalysts offer the highest performance available to help our customers meet their operating targets and maximize their profitability.

Scientific Design Company is the Pioneer and Worldwide Leader in EO/EG process technology and catalyst development. We combine intimate knowledge in process design and plant operation with deep understanding in selective oxidation in our continuous catalyst innovation. We currently supply three families of ethylene oxide catalyst to EO industry. Each family is tailored to a different generation of EO production technology. Our SynDox Ethylene Oxide Catalysts now produce about one third of the global ethylene oxide output.

Ethylene oxide is produced through direct contact of ethylene and oxygen over silver catalyst. Since its commercialization in 1937, many innovations in process scheme and reactor design have taken place along with the continuous improvement in catalyst performance.

  • Our High Activity Catalyst (HAC) family, SynDox 2110S, is the best HAC in the marketplace today. It is applied in the early EO technology that tolerates high inlet CO2 concentration
  • Our High Selectivity Catalyst (HSC) family has three series of catalyst, SynDox 400, SynDox 400Plus, and SynDox 600. They are widely used in modern low CO2 technology
  • Our High Selectivity Catalyst for High CO2 (HSC-HC) family, SynDox 400HC, is our offering to medium CO2 market segment

Our continuous innovation leads to catalyst improvements that enable the highest performance in each individual process unit. We also optimize performance with our technical service support, from catalyst selection and change-out planning before turnaround to change-out supervision during turnaround to operation recommendation throughout the catalyst life.

Our catalysts are produced to the highest quality standards and are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

SynDox Ethylene Oxide Catalysts
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SynDox Ethylene Oxide Catalysts