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Scientific Design Company is a Pioneer and Worldwide Leader in EO/EG Process Technology and catalyst development. Our catalyst is designed for various generations of Ethylene Oxide (EO) production technology. Scientific Design’s SynDox® Ethylene Oxide Catalyst now produces one third of the global ethylene oxide output. We have also developed SynDol® Dehydration Catalyst for the ethanol dehydration process to utilize renewable raw materials to produce ethylene.

At Scientific Design, we manufacture our catalysts at our USA Headquarters location. We have a full Research and Development department which encompasses more than 100 lab scale reactors and several EO pilot plants on site. Our active research and development allow us to constantly improve our catalyst products and processes.

Scientific Design is proud to be certified ISO 9001:2015 for our Catalyst products.

Scientific Design Catalyst

SynDox® Ethylene Oxide Catalysts

Scientific Design's SynDox family of Ethylene Oxide Catalysts produces one third of the global ethylene oxide output

SynDol Catalyst

SynDol® Dehydration Catalysts

Scientific Design's SynDol Dehydration Catalyst consists of an essential part of the ethanol de-hydration technology used globally as well