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Ethylene Recovery

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Scientific Design’s vast experience gained through designing and starting up over 100 EO/EG plants makes us uniquely suited to offer EO/EG customers an optimized and fully integrated Ethylene Recovery Unit (ERU) for new or existing plants. Other manufacturers only maximize ethylene recovery through the membrane which also sends Ethane back into the process. This excess recovery must then be purged in the ethane purge and takes addition ethylene with it, increasing total ethylene losses. Scientific Design considers both the ethane and argon purges to arrive at the optimum ERU size so no excess Ethane is recycled back into the process. While other suppliers refer to recovery across their membrane (permeate/feed), Scientific Design recovery rate is the true amount of ethylene saved in the process (ethylene purged without ERU – ethylene purged with ERU)/ethylene purged without ERU). When both the ethane and argon purges are considered the Scientific Design design consistently gives the maximum overall ethylene recovery over competitors.

OMSEthlyene Recovery Unit

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