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Manager, Technical Services

Job description:

Work directly with Scientific Design ethylene oxide / ethylene glycol (EO/EG) licenses to provide technical support to ensure plants achieve maximum process and catalyst performance. Ensure that Scientific Deign functions (R&D, Sales, Engineering) receive real-time feedback from customers. Manage the resource planning and budgeting process. Steward the standard procedures for service provision. Support plant personnel with operating and safety guidelines, and provide training as appropriate; respond to client’s requests for advice during pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up of new plants. Supervise catalyst loading/unloading activities which includes review and approval of reactor cleaning procedures, and supervision of catalyst loading and pressure drop testing. Conduct performance tests to meet guarantees at client’s plants. Inspection of major equipment to check for conformity with SD’s specifications. Assist clients in troubleshooting operating problems and optimizing plant performance. Utilize reactor modeling to generate selectivity and temperature projections. Review catalyst performance data and issue reports. Document and resolve any client complaints. Prepare operating manuals. Coordinate technology workshops. Coordinate and lead technology exchange meetings with key customers throughout the globe. Spearhead safety improvements via safety committee participation. Facilitate the delivery of operating data. Use operating data with engineering and process development to improve technology offerings. Responsible for development of Tech Service resources via coaching, mentoring and training opportunities. Lead resource planning efforts. Ensure proper procedures are in place for safe and effective service provision. Manage the service budget, including revenue and cost lines. Oversee the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs of the group and insure staff have support. 35% international travel.

Job requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, or a related field plus ten (10) years of experience in a petrochemical plant environment. Ten (10) years of experience in process engineering and plant startup operations in petrochemical industry, specifically catalyst loading and reactor cleaning in an ethylene oxide / ethylene glycol (EO/EG) facility. Five (5) years of experience with pressure drop testing and reactor modeling. Three (3) years of experience must include managing technical resources.

40 hours / week, 9:00am-5:00pm.

Send resume to:

Eric Schreier, HR Director, at

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